Japanese tourist visa application for Filipinos in the Philippines from the embassy
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How to Apply and Get a Japanese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

As I prepare the requirements for my upcoming vacation to Japan, I took the liberty of sharing the process which have already brought me there twice in late 2012. Should be a good sign, right?

[UPDATE] Filipinos are now eligible to apply for the multiple-entry tourist visas, as part of the relaxation of Japan’s visa policies toward ASEAN countries.


Complete all the Requirements for the Tourist Visa Application

1. Philippine Passport

As with other visa applications, tampered passports will not be accepted. Ensure that your passports are in their best condition! Oh and be sure to take out those dainty passport holders.

2. Photo
  • 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background
  • Photo must be pasted on the application form.
3. Visa Application Form 

Here is a soft copy of the visa application form.
Given that you’re hoping to make a good impression, I recommend you fill out the online PDF form with your computer. The form is readily editable so you don’t have to worry about converting the file.

4. Birth Certificate*

You may request a birth certificate online from National Statistics Office (NSO).

Fill Out Online Application Form
Pay through Accredited Payment Channel
Wait for Delivery

A copy of the birth certificate costs Php 315 and takes 3-5 working days to be delivered within Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

NSO Website | FAQ | Payment Instructions | Delivery
E-mail address e-census.info@census.gov.ph

*Note that you only need to present a birth certificate once for the Japan visa application. As it’s already my third application, I may skip this step.

If the applicant is has his/her passport (old or valid) with a used Japanese visa

5. Marriage Contract 

Same procedure with the birth certificate.

6. Daily Schedule or General Itinerary

Here is a soft copy of the Schedule of Stay in word format.

Below is a Sample Schedule of Stay,

sample schedule of stay for filipino tourists applying for japanese visa in the philippines

Sample Schedule of Stay for Japan Visa Application for Citizens of the Philippines

7. Bank Certificate

The intention of this article is to show that you are financially capable of  supporting yourself for the duration of your vacation in Japan. It is known that the cost of living in Japan is high so you have to be smart about how you will be presenting your financial standing. There is no pre-defined monetary basis as long as you will be able to sustain your stay, including any emergencies, based on what you have presented in the schedule of stay.

8. Income Tax Return (Form 2316)

This should readily be available from your HR department.

Otherwise, you can request through Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR),

Telephone no: 981-8888
Trunkline: 981-7000
Email address: contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph
Office address: BIR National Office Bldg., BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

9. Additional proof of your vacation and exit from Japan

It is applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she meet the requirements for the grant of a visa. Submission of any supporting documents not listed above is encouraged (e.g. applicant’s economic or social ties with the Philippines, urgent reasons for visit: medical certificate, wedding invitation). ~ Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

  • Certificate of Employment (COE) – stating current position, annual income, length of service and approved leaves
  • Airline Ticket / e-Ticket
  • Hotel Reservation / Confirmation
  • Approved Leaves – with confirmation or acceptance of manager

For those who wish to apply for the 3-year or 1-year multiple entry visa, the additional requirements would have to be submitted (depending under which classification you fall under).

Classification A: Applicants with travel history as temporary visitor to Japan in the last three years without any record of violations of the laws and regulations of Japan during their period of stay.

1. Recent or old passport that shows previous stays in Japan within the last three years.
2. ITR (Income Tax Return) or Bank Certificate of the applicant or of the person who will support the applicant
3. Documents to prove residence in the Philippines (copy of Identification cards etc.)
4. Explanation Letter why the applicant needs a multiple-entry visa

Classification B: Employed individuals with sufficient financial capacity to support their stay in Japan.

1. Employment Certificate
2. ITR (Income Tax Return )
3. Documents to prove residence in the Philippines (copy of Identification cards etc.)
4. Explanation Letter why the applicant needs a multiple-entry visa


Submit Application to an Accredited Agency

Click here for the detailed list of accredited agencies by the Embassy of Japan.

I recommend that you submit your visa application directly to the accredited agencies listed above, otherwise you might be charged with additional handling fees. I’ve personally experienced this because I was charged twice the handling fee when we submitted the application through a non-accredited travel agency in Manila.

The handling fee of my 2nd visa application through Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation in Dusit Thani Hotel was only Php 1,200. The staff were friendly and approachable. I submitted my application on Friday afternoon and by Monday afternoon I had already received an SMS from the agency that my passport is ready for pick up. Of course, the agency has no control on the turn around of your application once they have transmitted it to the Embassy.

I wish you the best of luck on your application!

Should you have any inquiries or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at theeagertraveller@gmail.com.

Click here for the official tourist visa application by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

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